The Web is Open

Let's Keep It That Way

Doing code-heavy talks the whole 2011.

Sometimes it's good to look at the bigger picture.

I ♥ the Web

Reasons why I ♥ the Web

the open web

What is the Open Web"?

Tantek Çelik's definition:

The ability to openly do 3 kinds of things:

Open. Since 1991.

Tim Berners-Lee designed the web in which "principles of universality of access [...] are core values". (Web Architecture from 50,000 feet)

NSCP vs. MSFT: Browser Wars

Fought over which of the two companies would own the web. Neither NSCP nor MSFT cared for the Open Web.
MSFT won (or at least it looked so).
NSCP died, but at their last moment did something revolutionary: spawned

The Web today

Thanks to Mozilla, WebKit & Opera, the web kept evolving. And IE had to catch up.
HTML+CSS+JS is everywhere now.
"#browserlove not browser wars"
But the future has its challenges.

Challenges ahead

Solutions appearing

How YOU can help

Help Yourself First

Write good code

Ever seen this happen to a Wiki in Fx9?
var is_khtml = (navigator.vendor == 'KDE' || (document.childNodes && !document.all && !navigator.taintEnabled));
DON'T ever do crazy shit like this!
Your shipment of FAIL has arrived

Make standards the way your company works

Speak your employer's language:

Help Others

Report all the bugs

File browser engine bugs

But that bug is already filed!

Write docs for the web @ MDN

MDN: All Browsers Welcome!

Other ways you can give back

No matter if you're a newbie or a guru – there are ways for you to contribute!

Let's keep the web open!

For follow-ups:, @marcoos, marcoos on (evenings), or meet me at the party tonight!

Slides URL will be posted soon on Twitter.

Image credits: "Mozilla stomps IE" -, WorldWideWeb screenshot - Wikimedia Commons, memes - from "I Want You" - public domain. Other pics by me.